A few days ago, one of my lecturers instructed us to write on the challenges of a student as one of her assessments questions for our test.

With no further ado I dove in and wrote a length essay about the common challenges the average Nigeria student face but now I will be sharing a more recent yet common challenge a or rather some of who are Nigerian student faced.

I school in one of the biggest schools or self acclaimed best in Nigeria. I stay in the schools hostel that wasn’t easy to secure.

So recently I wanted to prepare breakfast and I decided on eating Yam (don’t ask questions).

I woke up early to prepare it so as to beat the seven o clock stipulated time when they put the gen off.

The past few days have seen my friends and I soaking cassava flakes to class because of the lack of electricity. We use an electric stove in our room.

So I peeled the team and place it on fire, was already excited at least I wouldn’t go to class with an empty stomach that morning.

I was about to go down stairs to get eggs to fry when PHCN commonly referred to as NEPA did the only thing they know how to do best.

They took the light 💡. . . . We waited and waited hoping the school will put on the generator. We had already placed the yam on fire it’d spoil if we left it to class.

But typically they refused to put the gen on.

We had to leave the yam soaked in water 💦. . . (that wasn’t my call)  for twelve hours until we returned back from classes.

We cooked the yam at around 🕗. .  8pm in the evening when the generator was put on again but we couldn’t eat it. It was a waste. Too bitter to swallow, having already lost it taste.

We had no choice than to throw the yam away.

This is one of the major challenges that the average Nigeria student faces. This school in question is a federal one. Am using this medium to call on the government officials to come to our aid and do something about the nations electricity challenges.