This happened a long time ago back in high school.

I was young and naive. My parents…..well I wouldn’t say were rich or poor but my dad couldn’t forget a million Naira in his room, never have but soon.

So I attended one of the local schools in my area. Not local as in local local but local because it was barely five streets from my house.

So this faithful day, I went to school feeling high. I was putting on this canoe like kinda of shoe 👟. . . And as God will have it there was a heavy downpour of rain that morning.

We were on the assembly ground, and we the ss3 students had committed another mischievous act. Typical of ourselves, you can’t really blame us. We were at the top of the food chain in the school. Felt like we had arrived, we were young and naive.

So we were been called out to the front of the assembly to be reprimanded. As I stepped forward with my other colleagues, the sole of my canoe like shoe gave out right in front of my then crush.

Okay she wasn’t really my crush, she was the one who had an interest in me. I never knew she existed before I started hearing rumors of her interest in me. So it was a situation of her interest in me kinda of pricked my interest in her.

Don’t think about it, it’s gonna blow your mind.

So it gave out right in front of her, the sole of my shoe and I immediately wished the earth could open its mouth and swallow me.

More than half of the students burst out in laughter, mocking and making jest of my predicament, I couldn’t look up towards her direction all I could blurt out was “it just cut this morning”.  I repeated that over and over again even tho I wasn’t asked the question.

I felt really embarrassed, ashamed it was an experience I can never forget.

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