In one of my previous post I shared with you one of my embarrassing moments that happened to me back when I was in high school, today we will be looking at five of the most general embarrassing events that usually occur to us.

There is a high possibility that one or two might have been and experience of yours r you’d probably see yourself in them.

The interesting aspect of this is that, whenever it is happening to us, its usually a bitter pill to swallow and experience we fail to be able to comprehend but when we think over it after such moments have faded off, it comes off as a funny moment, comic relief to ourselves and those we relate the stories to.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the five most embarrassing moments 1:

The Silent, Loud and Stinking Fart:

Let’s take this scenario as our case study; you are in a public function dressed to the teeth, a hall jam packed with people, the MC or whoever that is giving a speech standing in front of the audience with a mic in his hand.

Then suddenly your stomach starts rumbling, you get that feeling of your bowel filling up and you understand the signal your digestive system is trying to pass to you; some unpalatable gas substance in trying to escape your system and considering your situation there’s no way to easily and quickly excuse yourself, so you decide to release the it with the assumption that it will be a silent odorless release.

So you tilt your butt gently, look around you to confirm that you are not being watched, you then tighten your stomach, sucking in your breath and with the intended sound of a gas escaping a cooker you make your release.

Then suddenly to your amazement and dismal of those sitting close to you, what is been heard is the irritating sound of a petrol generator that is refusing to start up, then your world comes crashing down around you, about twenty different eyes turn in on your direction staring at you and you can’t do anything than to stare motionless as the soundless judgements coming rolling in then to compound the issue and odor that has its origin from the pit of hell starts emitting and diffusing into the atmosphere around you.

It’s in this type of moment that you will wish that time could stand still, the earth could open up or better still, the stories about time travel become true. There’s no way to defend yourself, no blood to wash you clean of your sins, you just have to face the music ears up.

The best option you have is to stylishly work out of the lab with whatever dignity you have left and hope against hope that none of the people who were really affected is unable to recognize your face outside that event.

Have you been in this situation before of witnessed someone who has? Let us know in the comment section below or you can share your experience with me on twitter at @shalombrain