Earlier this morning we all heard the news about the way an higher institution in the city of Calabar made do with the project work of some of their past students who have spent thousands of hours researching, countless days in the library, sourcing for journals and and making endless print outs that never seem to be error free.

And here I am preparing my own project, spending hours in the Internet. Browsing previous work, putting all my efforts, time, energy and money inro it. Spending endless hours trying to program something awesome, then it hit me at once.

“is it really worth it? “

When it’s all said and done now, won’t my work be discarded just like this guy’s own? We all know that a trait in one institution in Nigeria is a trait in every other one.

Come three to five years from now, would my project work not be trashed like just another piece of dirt, or worse be traded to an àkàrà seller for some bean cakes?

I think it’s high time the Nigerian Institutions find a better way of preserving and storing the intellectual properties of their students. If not for the purpose of implantation but for references.

Ama just continue with my project, knowing that it’s just part of the partial fulfillment required for the award of Higher National Diploma