When it all comes down to it, and people talk about all the high points of the just concluded eleventh edition of the largest gathering of people for a musical concert in the world; The Experience 11, people tend to talk about Tim Godfrey’s ministration or Don Moen ministering in igbó language.

Some might even say Donnie asking everyone to turn on their flash light was the high point or when Choima Jesus or Tope Alabi took to the stage.

Who people tend to forget his the artist who held everyone spell bond in the opening ten minutes of the program. Starting out by drawing some meaningless shapes with paint on a black board only to then turn the board upside down and continue his painting.

ICE as he his referred to kept drawing abstract things on the board, no one knew what he was driving at or of what significant an artist of his type had to do quite such a program.

He had people on their toes looking at the large projector screen, whispering what he was probably up to not until he came forward with two cups of water and suddenly turned back and poured it on the painting.

Revealing and beautiful painting of the Lord Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns worn around his head. What added drama to the ministration was the fact that he kept praying in tongues all through which helped pass the true message behind the act.

Jesus was indeed revealed to all the evening.