Last week Sunday, Universal Studio released their first official trailer for the 8th installment the the Fast and Furious franchise. amidst a lot of buzz.

The trailer broke records, becoming the highest watched trailer on YouTube in twenty four hours, raking in over 139 millions views within a day. The three minute trailer gave us a slight glimpse into what the movie will encompass come April next year, and out of everything that was shown, there are some things that was depicted that didn’t go down well with me.
The title
I found out the title name that Universal Studios decided to give the Eight installment first on actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Instagram account.

The movie was titled The Fate of the furious. This name looks and sounds to long compared to the previous names that was given to some of the previous installment such as 2 fast 2 furious, fast five and the latest addition in furious 7.

There are other great option that The Fate of the Furious could have been substituted for, such as F8, FEight, FHate, F F Hate or FF8.

I just hope the movie isn’t too boring as the title is.

Jason Statham turning good

Fast and Furious already has large ensemble cast of world renowned actors who comprises of their good guys clan. One of the selling points of furious 7 was that the team was going against a well grounded and established action actor in Jason Statham, now adding Jason Statham to the good guys clan leaves the team with only mediocre
antagonist to defeat.

Lack of over the top scenes

For Furious Seven we saw stils of Paul Walker running on top of a bus that was about to fall of a cliff, we saw Vin Diesel drive a vehicle out of a skyscraper through another, we saw some of the cast dive out of a plane at thousands of feet high, but in this trailer we are treated to several cars crashing against each other, Dom looking mean as always, numerous voice overs mentioning family and a snow road blowing in to the sky.

None of the above mentioned tops what happened in Furious Seven, its usually difficult to keep up with high expectations, especially when its the eight movie, but its just the first trailer so i will keep my fingers crossed.

Dom turning on his family

This is a lazy way of selling the movie, we’ve seen this guy go to war side by side with his family for seven films, and you want us to believe he will suddenly turn on them now? Common we are not dumb, find us a better story line.

Absence of Paul Walker

Don’t call me a cry baby, you don’t expect me to have gotten over the death of the great Paul Walker that easily, i know am not alone when i say that. I mean after seven films, c’mon, but i guess i just have to get used to it, shit happens.

Anyways, I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next trailer, probably the above mentioned besides the last will get fixed.
I remain shalombrain.